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Living a Creative Life

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The Creative Psyche

Whether or not we call ourselves artists, we are all creative souls with unique perceptions and offerings. Every day, our lives are filled with the act of attuning to our surroundings and creating meaning out of what we perceive. As Rick Rubin writes, ". . . your entire life is a form of self-expression." Creative endeavours add soul and enrichment to our experience of being alive. 

Modern Obstacles

Since the Enlightenment era and its focus on separating mind and body, as well as privileging certain disciplines over others, it can be truly difficult to find the validation and support that is needed to pursue art seriously, not solely as a side interest or hobby. It can be disheartening to have one's creative practice dismissed as play, or a fringe act to be engaged in only after the "real" work is done. Yet who wants to live in a world without books, music, movies, paintings, sculpture, etc? We must create space for this work and give it the serious consideration that it deserves. To survive and thrive in a challenging world, we need our art and our artists more than ever. 

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Reclaiming Your Art

While the world will not always support our creative endeavours in the ways we might hope, we can create community and dialogue that forefronts an artistic path in life. We can intentionally arrange the mundane details of our day-to-day routines in order to support our work, and we can keep it alive and buzzing through conversations and practices that prioritize this. As someone who actively lives and works in this way, I can provide empathy, hold space, and help to deeply engage and empower the artist in you. 

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