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Counselling & EMDR Therapy for Sensitive, Creative, and Depth-Oriented Souls

A refuge for folks on the individuation path who are seeking to better understand life holistically and somatically, through an exploration of both conscious and unconscious psychological influences. 

Jungian psychology presupposes that the psyche is naturally creative and oriented toward wholeness and growth. Sometimes we need support in addressing the defenses and blocks to this that arise along the way. It would be my privilege to support this unfolding. 

One of my specializations is religious/spiritual trauma. If you have been wounded by a spiritual or religious path that did not turn out as you thought it would, or was not of your choosing, I can support your deconstruction process and help put you back in the driver's seat, where you belong. 

Meet Linda Quennec (she/her)


Author & Jungian Therapist

Linda is a poet, fiction writer, and Jungian-oriented therapist. As a creative and highly sensitive person who is deeply fascinated by the human psyche, she holds space for those experiencing the following: life transitions & grief, religious and spiritual trauma, challenges with balancing creative/artistic work and life demands, and the anxiety, depression, and grief that can arise out of these and other challenges. Linda is a working artist/publishing writer and mother who has experienced a number of life transitions and is honoured by those who entrust her with their own. 

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What I Specialize In:

Depth Psychotherapy & Dreamwork

Living a Creative Life

Spiritual and Religious Trauma

Grief & Life Transitions

High Sensitivity

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Only what is really oneself has the power to heal

—C.G. Jung

Thank you so much for all your support, kind words, your time, your beautiful energy and smile, all of that made me strong and helped me to be where I am.


Kind Words:

Yesterday's session made a difference in my awareness and I feel empowered to do what I have to do.


[Linda's novel, Fishing for Birds] offers an astute examination of the despair engendered by solitude and of the paradoxical consolations it delivers.

—Kirkus Reviews

Therapeutic Approaches

I am trained in several therapeutic modalities that I customize to suit your needs in our sessions. Below are the ones I use most often: 

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Depth Psychology

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Services at Linda Quennec Counselling:


Individual Therapy


EMDR Therapy


Extended Sessions

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